Refuge Recovery Con 4 Live!


The 4th Annual Refuge Recovery National Conference starts tonight -and is going to be FB LIVE [livestreamed on Facebook] June 8-10.

Catch the Live Stream on Refuge Recovery’s Main Page at:

  #refcon4 #refugerecovery


Here’s the weekend’s agenda..check it out!

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Refuge Recovery 4th Annual Conference


When: June 8-10, 2018

Time: June 8th registration starts at 4 PM. Program goes from 7 PM on June 8th to 1 PM on Sunday, June 10th.

Where: Against the Stream, 4300 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

We’ll be meditating, workshopping, hanging with the sangha and, yes, doing a little RR business. Can’t wait to see you there!

Conference Program
(subject to change because we all know a thing or two about impermanence!)

Friday evening: Welcome; guided mediation; and intention-setting.

Saturday: Meditation; annual report for the organization; presentation of draft Regional Representative job description and ratification; presentation of Regional infrastructure design and ratification; panel discussion on women in Refuge; panel discussion on diversity and inclusivity in Refuge; small group story-telling accompanied by large group theatrics and general rowdiness; Refuge Recovery meeting (Canada in the house!).

Sunday: Meditation; panel on managing conflict at the sangha level; panel on mentorship in all of its varieties; large group extreme ro-sham-bo (rock/paper/scissors); panel on process addictions; closing cord and gratitude ceremony.

Register Here

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